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Here's How to Build Your Heart Centered

Business with a Profit Centered Mind

Discover the process of how to share your passion of yoga, health, fitness and wellness with your community while creating abundance and security in your life.

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Have you ever gotten stuck in your online marketing efforts?  Do you get frustrated in trying to figure out how to build your heart-centered business with a profit centered mind?  Get clear on what you need to do to move forward and create a profitable online yoga or wellness business.  

If you are a yoga teacher or fitness/wellness professional looking for some answers to your online marketing questions, the video above explains how I can help you. Keep reading if you are looking for assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Building a profitable website from the ground up
  • Learning the marketing process
  • Establishing a marketable brand
  • Blogging to inform, educate and sell
  • Building Traffic to your website
  • Learning how to be effective using Social Media
  • Creating landing pages and effective sales copy
  • Writing email follow up letters
  • Making helpful videos
  • Understanding PPC advertising
  • Being challenged to grow your business
  • Needing answers to your questions on a daily basis

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"Lisa is not only a great yoga teacher, but she is a savvy business person as well.
She has helped me as a yoga teacher get more clear about who my audience is and how to market to them.  Her skill set is perfect for helping yoga teachers everywhere, understand and expand not just their yoga practice, but their yoga business as well."  Stephanie Smith, Yoga Teacher 

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MB Senechal May 16, 2013 at 8:23 pm

Hey Lisa!

I"m in!  I love what you are doing and sounds like my yoga biz, Glory Yoga, could definitely grow from it.

You may remember me…I met you at a Holy yoga class probably over a year ago…(or you may not, as that was over a year ago!).

Would love to hear more!




admin May 16, 2013 at 11:14 pm

Hey thanks Mary Beth.  Of course I remember you.  Hope you downloaded my free report.  You will definitely hear more through that!  

Please head over and “Like” my facebook page if you haven’t already.



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